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Welcome to Our Website

Our amazing father and son brace (Dozer (l) and Cruise (r)) welcome you to the Raritan Gordon Setter website calendar for free.


Enjoy your stay and feel free to check the Contact Us page for more information on our beloved Gordon Setters and to find out about our upcoming litters mi a2 lite bilder herunterladen.

A Gordon Setter Defined

“…His bearing is intelligent, noble, dignified…”
“…Black with tan markings, either of rich chestnut or
mahogany color…”
American Kennel Club (AKC) Gordon
Setter Standard (Revised: 11.27.2002)

This is GrChB-UGrCh Grizz’s Angus Firestorm ‘n’
Warchant, CGC (Dozer) shown on the shores
of Lake Superior, Marquette, MI (August 2015) download ps4 avatar.

Did you say, "Puppies?"

At Raritan, we pride ourselves in raising healthy and well-adjusted puppies fragment downloaden van youtube. If you are looking for a puppy, please check out our section under Litters for more information.

Parting Shot

Thank you for stopping by the Raritan Gordon Setter website good movies to.

I am officially known as, GrCh Her Royal Highness Fearghus o’ Raritan, CGC, and to my fan club, the self-appointed “spokesdog” for this group of humans acsm datei herunterladen. I always have a lot to say, because I am a very vocal Gordon Setter. You can call me Fergi, or Fergasaurus, as many of my fans do.

Thank you all for stopping by our website to visit and learn more about Gordon Setters herunterladen.

If you want more information, you can contact my humans under the Contact Us link and they’ll get back to you promptly access 2013 handbuch kostenlos.